About CINECHEW – CINECHEW was started as a go-to site for people wanting to talk about some of the latest news and headlines related to the movie industry. provides fans with the latest movie news, reviews, and tv news. We have some of the most loyal and growing fans around and are rapidly growing to be one the largest movie news sites on the web!

The goal here at CINECHEW.coms to cover and review film and tv from a perspective that will inform and appeal to both the casual movie viewer and the fanboy/fangirl audience. We try and step back to a common sense approach to movie and TV news: stepping back and looking at the larger picture to determine whether something is a good idea… or an idiotic one.

Sean Gonzales – Executive Editor

Sean Gonzales is an avid movie lover, film reviewer and film composer. He went to Berklee School Of Music for Orchestration for Film and TV and is one of the main bloggers  and contributors on our site.

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Carolanne Christine – Staff Writer

Carolanne Christine is one of our daily bloggers and moderators and is also in charge of most of our social media.

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Jordan Lung – Staff Writer

Jordan Lung is another staff writer living in Los Angeles, CA. He loves movies, television, comic books, literature, sarcasm, various forms of asian food, and everything else that’s awesome.

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