‘Black Hawk Down’ Screenwriter going to adapt “The Activity” Comic Book!

‘Black Hawk Down’ Screenwriter going to adapt “The Activity” Comic Book!

‘Black Hawk Down’ Screenwriter going to adapt “The Activity” Comic Book!

Comic books have been continuing to surprise fans and prove themselves worthy of greatness and especially for doing practicably well at the box office. Now after the LONG WAITED adding of Spider-Man to the Marvel Universe, the lineup of superhero projects isn’t going anywhere soon.

However, TV series like The Walking Dead and films like Road to Perdition and American Splendor have proven that the comic book page has far more to offer than the likes of Batman and Captain America. In fact, it seems that Hollywood is busy lining up a new big-screen adaptation that has nothing to do with costumed heroes.

Latino Review has learned that screenwriter Ken Nolan is adapting the Images Comics title The Activity for the big screen. Created by writer Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads, the comic book series – which debuted in 2011 – centers on a U.S. special operations group that is sent in to repair botched operations using high-tech weaponry. There’s currently no other details regarding the film’s development.

‘Black Hawk Down’ Screenwriter going to adapt "The Activity" Comic Book!

Nolan is best known for writing the 2001 Ridley Scott war drama Black Hawk Down; and undoubtedly, the military aspect of The Activity makes him a solid choice to help construct a film version. The writer also previously contributed the foreword to a recent collection of the comics, meaning it’s quite likely that this project is a labor of love for him.

While there’s little denying that Nolan has a knack for adapting this kind of source material (Black Hawk Down was based on a book by Mark Bowden), he hasn’t scripted a feature-length projects in over a decade. Despite the fact that his Black List script The Defection proved popular last year, it’s hard to gauge how this film version of The Activity will turn out, at least without more details regarding the creative team behind this adaptation.

There’s every chance that The Activity could prove to be a critical and commercial smash, and we’ll keep a close eye on this project as it makes its way through development. In the meantime, are you looking forward to a film adaptation of The Activity, Screen Ranters? If you’re familiar with the comics, do you think Nolan is the right person to bring the story to life? Let us know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on The Activity as this story develops.

Source: Latino Review

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