Rumored Again: Is Batman Vs Superman Being Split in Two Parts?

Rumored Again: Is Batman Vs Superman Being Split in Two Parts?

Rumored Again: Is Batman Vs Superman Being Split in Two Parts?

UPDATE: It was rumored not too long ago, that Batman vs Superman would be split in two parts. It has since been debunked, but the rumor has risen again. Could we be seeing the first part of Batman vs Superman this year?

I would take this with a heep of salt, but an alleged crew member of Batman vs Superman may have spilled the beans that the film will indeed be split into two parts.

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This was rumored once before and debunked, but just in case there is any legitimacy to this story, it’s worth giving a look.

As most know by now, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was primarily filmed in Detroit, MI. While walking back to my car while out on a trip to Ann Arbor, MI (30-ish miles west of Detroit), I ran into a man wearing the customized Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice crew member jacket, complete with the film’s logo and crew member embroidery. 

Taking the opportunity to grab some info from the man I asked, “What can you tell me about the movie?” while pointing to the jacket’s emblem. The man started to smile as he walked away from me and said, “Nothing.” But then turned back slightly and said, “All I’ll tell you is that it will come out in about six months.” 

UPDATE:  “At next month’s WonderCon Warner Bros. have reserved a prime time and plenary location for an “untitled” presentation that have many wondering if they were going to reveal the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Perhaps the trailer will be released, and the official announcement of the film being broken up into two parts will be made as well. “


I would also like to point out that if this is true, the film could have just been pushed up, given that it was originally suppose to release this year.

While I personally do not believe this story to be true, what do you think?  Could the film end up being split in two?  Could we see one of those films in just six months?

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