Wolverine vs. Batman? Hugh Jackman Tells Us Who Would Win!

Wolverine vs. Batman? Hugh Jackman Tells Us Who Would Win!

Wolverine vs. Batman? Hugh Jackman Tells Us Who Would Win!

During the press junket for Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie, Spider-Man returning to the MCU and who would win in a fight – Batman or Wolverine – was discussed. Hit the jump to find out the Wolverine actor’s non-biased thoughts on the matter and learn more about his mullet!

The morning after the New York press screening of Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie there was a press conference for media in which the film was discussed, artificial intelligence, what would you have a robot for, etc.. Towards the end of the press conference the fact that Spider-Man had returned to the Marvel cinematic universe was discussed and Hugh Jackman was asked what he thought of the possibility of having Spider-Man and the X-Men on the big screen together.

Wolverine vs. Batman? Hugh Jackman Tells Us Who Would Win! “There’s so many forces at play there, beyond what anyone would want. The thing I’ve always loved about the comic book world is how a writer of a comic book will pull all of these characters together and what kind of a Friday night discussion – “Ah, it would be cool to have Batman fight Wolverine!” – Bam! Monday morning they’re working on it, but that’s an idealized world.”

Notice that he mentioned a fight between Batman and Wolverine? When pressed on the subject and the fact that Batman had incredible amounts of technology at his disposal, Jackman responded “We could try and stretch the movie out beyond a short, but I’m guessing it would be short.”

To help bring the discussion full circle and back on topic, which was Chappie after all, Sharlto Copley, who portrayed the robot Chappie in the film, offered his thoughts on the super powered fights “What if Chappie comes in and just kicks everybody’s ass? That robot from Interstellar, Wolverine, Batman, Superman, gives you all a hiding.”

Wolverine vs. Batman? Hugh Jackman Tells Us Who Would Win!

Jackman was also asked about the villain he portrayed in the film, Vincent Moore, and his mullet. “One of the images that first was sent to me was an Australian character that had a mullet, that Neill sent to me, and it included the shorts and mullet, and I just loved it. Weirdly, I had forgotten, but my wife reminded me when she saw the film that the very first job I did I had a mullet, where she met me, so it was kind of great for me. It was a nice throwback to 20 years ago. It just seemed to fit who he is. He’s one of those guys who thinks he’s the coolest, he thinks that everyone at the office likes him, who thinks that he’s got it all together and doesn’t realize that, from the haircut to the shorts to the way he acts, that no one really likes him. But he really thinks he’s the man.”

So what do you think? Would Wolverine indeed triumph over Batman in a duel? For those that have seen Chappie, would he stand a chance? Share your thoughts below!


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