Brandon Routh & Henry Cavill’s Audition Costumes for Superman: Flyby

Brandon Routh & Henry Cavill’s Audition Costumes for Superman: Flyby

Audition Costumes for Superman

With regards to the universe of comic book movies, there are definitely changes made to adjust the source material for a more extensive group of onlookers. All things considered, what deals with the page may not make an interpretation of well to the wide-screen, regardless of the amount of idealists who may challenge generally.

Commonly, legends and clad in brilliant outfits frequently end up in altogether different ensembles than their comic book partners when they hit theaters.

Then again, few superhero ensembles are as notorious as Superman’s, and now we have a look at two tackles the Man of Steel that almost made it to film before Superman Returns.

Courtesy of Think McFly Think, we have a look at some images from a pair of screen tests for the canceled Superman: Flyby project that nearly hit theaters in the mid-2000s. The actors in question – Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill – both wore a prototype design of the character’s signature red-and-blue suit for their auditions.





These new images offer an interesting look at yet another interpretation of the characters, including a more armored look than either of the suits worn by Routh and Cavill in their respective films. While the dark red cape resembles the one Routh wore in Superman Returns, the larger chestplate and more toned torso do offer hints of the look depicted in Man of Steel.

Superman has worn endless variations of his famous suit over the years, and while every fan no doubt has his or her favorite version of the Man of Steel’s costume (with another one on the way next year), it’s always fun to speculate on how the character could be translated from page to screen and especially noteworthy to compare the suit Routh and Cavill wore in their auditions to the ones they ended up wearing on film.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

Source: Think McFly Think

What do you think of this unused design of the Superman suit? Is it better than the ones we got in Returns and Man of Steel?

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