Clint Eastwood’s Son Joins Suicide Squad

Clint Eastwood’s Son Joins Suicide Squad

Clint Eastwood’s Son Joins Suicide Squad!

Earlier Today, it was reported that Scott Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s Son) and Raymond Olubowale (former Canadian Heavyweight Boxing Champion) would join David Ayer’s Suicide Squad!

So far the roles of the two actors hasn’t been confirmed, but the current theory is that one actor could be the King Shark and one could be a leading role!

Scott Eastwood told eTalk that he’s been in Toronto for Suicide Squad filming/prep. This would be an awesome reunion for Eastwood and Ayer as the two previously worked together on Ayer’s film,  Fury.

Clint Eastwood's Son Joins In Suicide Squad!

It seems that the young Eastwood is being groomed to be a leading actor as he will also be starring in Nicholas Sparks adaptation of The Longest Ride, so it would only make sense for him to have a leading role in Suicide Squad.
As for Raymond Olubowale, the word around the internet is that he will be King Shark in Suicide Squad given his past role as The Axe Manin Sony’s Resident Evil franchise.

Olubowale told The Sun that he feels like a kid again on set.

“It’s fantastic, genuinely fantastic.  It’s an opportunity to never grow up. You’re just one big kid playing make-believe and you’re compensated well.”


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