Much Pain, There Is: Master Yoda’s Secret Star Wars Origin

Much Pain, There Is: Master Yoda’s Secret Star Wars Origin

Much Pain, There Is: Master Yoda’s Secret Star Wars Origin

Now, with all the talk about prospective cameos in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (now less than 10 months away!), there’s been surprisingly little suggestion of an appearance by a certain diminutive and green Jedi Master.

Much Pain, There Is: Master Yoda's Secret Star Wars Origin

That’s right – despite his apparent ability to appear in force-ghost form, and his close relationship with Luke, there’s been barely a whisper about a cameo in the forthcoming sequel. Now, that may well just be because Lucasfilm have successfully kept it largely under wraps, but it’s also entirely possible that we aren’t set to see any more of the venerable Jedi in the upcoming franchise.

Which would be a shame, really – seeing as Yoda has proven time and time again that he’s a fan favorite for a very particular reason: he’s awesome.

And, as the (now non-canon, but still influential) Star Wars Expanded Universe has proved, he’s had a whole lot of need to be:

Here are five of the key elements of Yoda’s life before the prequels…

1. His Home-Planet is a Mystery…


Legend has it that he was originally from a remote part in the outer-rim, although no-one knows exactly which planet he’s from nor what the name of his actual species is. What is clear is that he’s not the only member in his species to serve as a senior Jedi – other powerful masters such as Yaddle and Vandar Tokare, as well as the less experienced Oteg and Minch have also been apart of the exclusive jedi council.

2. …Though His Origin Story Isn’t


At a young age, Yoda left his remote home-world with a human friend, seeking adventure (and employment). However, while traveling to the Core Worlds, their ship was hit by an asteroid, and they found themselves stranded on an obscure swamp-covered planet.

There they met the Jedi Master N’Kata Del Gormo, who trained them in the ways of the force. By the time they were rescued, they had become immensely skilled Jedi’s.

3. He Trained Many Students…


Although that would only be the first in the great tragedies of his life – it would inevitably outlive almost everyone he ever knew.

After all, Yoda ultimately lived to be 900 years old, far beyond anyone in his species could have expected to live. The conservative Jedi Grand Master that we saw in the prequels may well have turned that way as a result of watching so many friends grow old and die.

4. More Than One of Whom Turned To The Dark Side


It wasn’t just Anakin Skywalker who abandoned the Light Side of the ForceYoda also had a hand in training a young man named Dooku, who would eventually lead the separatist forces as Darth Tyranus.

Throughout his lifetime, Yoda saw two of his greatest students become two of his greatest foes – and yet, with Dooku defeated, it was the actions of Anakin Skywalker that would bring about the second great tragedy of his life:

5. He Saw the Destruction of the Republic Coming, But Didn’t Realize It


Or, rather, a few hundred years before the rise of the Emperor, Yoda began to sense a disturbance in the force – one which suggested that the Dark Side was growing in strength.

Yoda, however, was the one who saw that this darkening might herald the imminent arrival of ‘the Chosen One’, who would bring balance to the force.

Little did he realize, that the arrival of the chosen one (Anakin Skywalker) would bring not only the ultimate defeat of the Sith, but the destruction of most of the Jedi Order.

A kind of balance came – but only at the cost of thousands.

And, so, Yoda was forced to hide on Dagobah, until, finally, Luke Skywalker’s emergence gave him the chance to help the galaxy one final time – and to swing the balance of power away from the Sith once more.

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