San Andreas Releases Trailer Teaser : Where Will You Be?

San Andreas Releases Trailer Teaser : Where Will You Be?

San Andreas Releases Trailer Teaser  : Where Will You Be?

San Andreas Releases Trailer Teaser : Where Will You Be? – Big-budget Hollywood movies may be dominated by superheroes these days, but that doesn’t mean the studios are abandoning some of their tried and true genres. Case in point: this May’s San Andreas, which pits the charismatic Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson against the fabled “Big One” feared by every native Californian: an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale caused by the infamous San Andreas fault finally splitting in two.

Directed by Brad Peyton (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, which also starred The Rock) and counting Carlton Cuse (LostThe Bates Motel) and The Conjuring‘s Chad and Carey Hayes among its several screenwriters, San Andreas stars Johnson as a rescue chopper pilot who races across the Golden State to save his daughter, played by Alexandra Daddario (True Detective).

The movie’s first trailer played up the story’s road-trip aspect – The Rock races against time to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco – while playing up some arresting visuals, such as the L.A. cityscape bucking and roiling as the Big One rips the place apart.

Now, The Rock himself has released a pre-Oscars trailer teaser for San Andreas via Instagram (via

We’ve already seen this imagery of a crumbling Hoover Dam, but the focus of this teaser could hint at what the next trailer will hone in on. Our first look at San Andreas took on a somber tone and highlighted some of the film’s more dramatic dimensions… but if audiences are expected to shell out good money for an earthquake movie, it had better deliver on a grand scale.

And judging from what we’ve already seen, San Andreas will do just that. While 2014 featured a disaster movie set in San Francisco starring a famous monster (Godzilla), previous years have given us similar flicks which generally veer from far-fetched (Roland Emmerich’s 2012) to the merely goofy (1997′s Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones).

San Andreas Releases Teaser Trailer : Where Will You Be?

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