Top 5 Non Marvel/DC Universe Characters!

Top 5 Non Marvel/DC Universe Characters!

Top 5 Non Marvel/DC Universe Characters!

I think something that we can all agree on is that Marvel and DC have been dominating the comic industry for decades now. There’s millions of fans that all have their own beloved set of favorite superheroes and characters from both universes.

Characters such as, Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, and Iron Man!.

Although the DC and Marvel Universes are great, why don’t we talk about non Marvel and DC Universe heroes?!

What about Image ComicsDark Horse Comics, etc? Why doesn’t anyone really seem to give a damn about any of those other characters? Well today, CINECHEW is going to run down the Top 5 Non Marvel/DC Universe Characters!


Top 5 Non Marvel/DC Universe Characters!

ORIGIN: Hellboy was conceived on October fifth 1617, which additionally happened to be the day his mom Sarah Hughes was kicking the bucket. His mom was a witch who picked up her powers through a powerful duke demon named Azzael, who additionally happens to be Hellboy’s genuine father!

Taking Sarah’s body to Hell when she attempted to repent on her passing bed inside a congregation in East Bromwich, England, Azzael consumed her with smoldering heat so that their kid would be conceived and slashed the infant’s right hand off to replace it with the Right Hand of Doom, an ancient relic fixing to the Ogrdu Jahad. Once the other dukes of hell learned of his activities, Azzael sent his half-demon son away while he was stripped of his power and frozen in ice.

Hellboy is a classic Dark Horse Comics character and huge cult classic!

With more than a thousand appearances in various graphic novels and comic books, some highly successful films, and some great animated films. Similar to Spawn, Hellboy has a ton of powers such as, superhuman strength, healing, endurance, longevity, extensive knowledge of the supernatural, the Invulnerable Right Hand of Doom, and Hellboy can’t be hurt with fire! – Putting Hellboy at number 5 on our list!

NUMBER 4 – v

Top 5 Non Marvel/DC Universe Characters!

ORIGIN: The foundation for the character of V is to a great extent obscure. He is at one point a detainee at “Larkhill Resettlement Camp”—one of numerous inhumane imprisonments where political detainees, gay people, Black individuals, Jews, Muslims, Indians and Pakistanis are annihilated by Britain’s new rightist administration.

While there, he is a part of a group of detainees who are subjected to horrendous restorative experimentation, led by Dr. Delia Surridge, including falsely planned hormone infusion. Lewis Prothero is the camp’s commandant, and additionally a pedophile vicar, Father Lilliman, is at the camp to give “otherworldly backing”. All detainees so infused soon bite the dust under abhorrent circumstances, with the sole exemption of “the man in room five” (“V” in Roman numerals).

There is an immense misinterpretation that V for Vendetta is apart of DC. However, V for Vendetta was just distributed under DC comics and is in no way whatsoever, apart of the DC Universe!

With his puzzling past, his impeccable fighting style, his deadly knifes, his determination, virtuoso level discernment, finer taste in the arts, and his stunning quotes, V is simply awesome! Putting V at number four on our list!


Top 5 Non Marvel/DC Universe Characters!

ORIGIN: Joseph Dredd is probably the most acclaimed of all of the Street Judges that watch over Mega-City One, charged to immediately convict, sentence, and execute wrongdoers. Dredd is furnished with a “Lawgiver” gun (modified to perceive just his palm-print, and equipped for six sorts of ammo), a daystick, a blade and paralyze or gas projectiles. His cap darkens his face, aside from his mouth and jaw. He rides a huge “Lawmaster” cruiser outfitted with automatic rifles, an intense laser gun, and full artificial intelligence  equipped for reacting to requests from the Judge and working itself.

Judge Dredd has a notable look, notorious firearms, and his name is even utilized as a part of discourse about police states, tyranny, and the standard of law. That has to mean something! He likewise has one truly incredible motion picture that truly acquainted the character with different parts of the world and put him on the guide. Putting Judge Dredd at number three on our list!


Top 5 Non Marvel/DC Universe Characters!

ORIGIN:  Spawn was at one time a man named Al Simmons, an exceedingly skilled assassin and was viewed as the best. He was an extraordinary warrior who saved the President from an attempted assassination. He was then promoted to a higher level of the C.I.A. that managed the things the Government wanted kept secret from the overall population. Al soon understood that the Government wasn’t generally right and began addressing if they were really right in their activities. This got the attention of some people in high power. Jason Wynn who had since a long time ago been his superior started to realize that Al knew too much, so he procured Chapel who was Al’s companion and accomplice to slaughter him. In an inferno, Al Simmons was killed and his spirit was sent to Hell on the grounds that he had purposely executed innocents in his C.I.A. days.

Al made an arrangement to offer his spirit to a Demonic Being known as “Malebolgia” to become acquainted with his wife Wanda Fitzgerald at the end of the day. He was permitted to return after five years as a weird Hellspawn with no memory of what he had done. In the wake of recalling what he had done, he searched out his wife just to discover she had proceeded onward and hitched his closest companion, Terry Fitzgerald and had even had a child named Cyan. It was after this occasion that his wicked aide the Violator whom showed up as a comedian appeared. He uncovered to Spawn the reason for his life and battled him yet had his fight hindered by Malebolgia. Presently understanding his motivation he must battle to make due against both the powers of Heaven and Hell.

Spawn was a big deal in the 90’s, even outselling Superman and getting his own movie. Spawn is just an awesome character. With flight, superhuman strength, speed, immortality, healing, martial arts expert, teleportation, resurrection, shapeshifting, and the list goes on and on. With that many powers, a badass origin, and a kick ass image, Spawn definitely deserves to be at number two on our list!


Top 5 Non Marvel/DC Universe Characters!

ORIGIN: Watchmen is set in a another reality that nearly reflects the contemporary era of our own world in the 1980s. The essential difference is the type of superheroes. The primary distinction happens in the year 1938. Their presence in this form of America is demonstrated to have significantly influenced and adjusted the results of real word events, for example, the Vietnam War and the administration of Richard Nixon. In keeping with the authenticity of the arrangement, despite the fact that the costumed crimefighters of Watchmen are regularly called “superheroes”, the main character who has clear superhuman forces is Doctor Manhattan. The presence of Doctor Manhattan has given the U.S. a vital focal point over the Soviet Union, which has expanded strains between the two countries. In the end, superheroes become disagreeable among the police and general society, prompting the entry of enactment in 1977 to criminalize them. While a large number of the saints resigned, Doctor Manhattan and The Comedian work as government-authorized specialists, and Rorschach keeps on working outside the law.

Similar to V for Vendetta, there’s also a huge misconception with Watchmen being apart of DC Comics. Although they were distributed through DC, The Watchmen have no affiliation with the DC universe.

Watchmen is one of those franchises that some people hate and some people love! Doctor Manhattan and Rorschach happen to be in our opinion the best heroes ever invented! Putting The Watchmen at number one on our list!


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