Top 5 Reasons Why Aquaman is a BADASS

Top 5 Reasons Why Aquaman is a BADASS

Top 5 Reasons Why Aquaman is a BADASS!

I think we all can agree, that aside from the recent hype of the upcoming Zack Snyder Aquaman – the king under the sea has had a difficult time! His image has always been ridiculed and cast aside by the mainstream pop-culture fans as stupid and lame. And so far, he has yet to find his rightful place next to the rest of DC’s heroes.

However, with Geoff Johns run on the character back in 2011, the character has found his place among readers. Sure, it’s going to take time till he becomes anywhere near the same league as the Man of Steel, but he’s getting there. So in honor of the highly anticipated Batman v Superman, CINECHEW is going to rundown the top five reasons why Aquaman is a badass!

1) He Rules the Ocean!

Top 5 Reasons Why Aquaman is a BADASS

Aquaman isn’t just any old merman, he is the rightful king to the lost city of Atlantis!

He commands an army that consists of thousands of trained superhero warriors who have super-strength, the ability to breathe underwater and super-strong skin. Atlantis has some of the best technology decades ahead of ours for use in their army, as well as mages and sorcerers within their ranks.

So if by some odd chance, Aquaman decided to just wipe us out, chances are he’d succeed if the Justice League weren’t here to save us! – And even then, it would be a tough battle!

2) He Has Full Control Over Sea Creatures!

Top 5 Reasons Why Aquaman is a BADASS

There’s a HUGE misconception that Aquaman simply just “talks” to sea life, when in fact – it’s quite the contrary! Aquaman has the ability to take control of their minds and can force them to anything he wants by manipulating the instinctive urges within them.

And that even applies to any primitive life form that lives in the ocean, such as armies of sharks, whales, squids and even some fictional creatures, like the krakken!

3) His Strength Is More Than You Think!

Top 5 Reasons Why Aquaman is a BADASS

Aquaman’s abilities are generally vastly underrated, as most don’t know what he’s cable of!

Although he’s not anywhere near the strength of some members in the Justice League, he is capable of throwing punches that could send even Superman flying! He has bulletproof skin, can leap over skyscrapers, and can even swims at speed up to mach 5 (post New 52, before that he has hit in excess of 10,000 feet per second).

So if he decided to speed towards you at over 1,700 meters per second. Not only would you not feel anything, but you’d be disintegrated into particles in a millisecond!!!

4) His Trident of Neptune!

Top 5 Reasons Why Aquaman is a BADASS

Apart from his trident being a powerful weapon that was forged from a metal that can cut Superman without much trouble, as well as hosting a number of spectacular powers!

It controls the weather, can summon tidal waves and tsunami’s –  and rain lightning on any enemy –  either from the sky or directly from his trident!

In some depictions it can even transform living creatures into alternate forms or vanish objects! And, similar to THOR’s hammer – it can only be wielded by the one it belongs to!


Top 5 Reasons Why Aquaman is a BADASS

Almost all superheroes have a line that they won’t cross, and for most – that has to do with killing another individual, even if they deserve it. Aquaman, however, doesn’t play so nicely. If you mess with him, he isn’t going to lock you up only to have you break out and cause more havoc. As a king and as a warrior he sees things a little differently….

If you’re a threat to him or his people, he’ll just execute you.

He sometimes may decide to give you a fair trial, but if you’ve done enough damage – you might find a trident sticking out of your chest!

That wraps up our Top 5 Reasons Why Aquaman is a BADASS! – Stay tuned to CINECHEW for lists and more news!


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